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Homi has been concentrated on inventing patented-products, with a team of 20 people R&D, every season comes new product launch. Our main products are clip-on slim panel light, recessed and surfaced mini panel light, ceiling light, etc. By unique design, excellent quality and first-rate service, Homi aimed at exploring the middle and high end market of Europe and North America. So far our product had been exported to over 70 countries, among which 50% in Europe, 20% in North America, 15% in Southeast Asia and 15% in the rest.

Homi passed quality management system ISO9001:2008 and environmental management system ISO14001. The qualification rate of production material in Homi is above 95% and the qualification rate of finished products is up to 99%. Certification of TUV CE/RoHS in Europe and UL/DLC/ETL certifications of energy star in North America are acquired. Homi also passed the certifications of BSCI for OBI, TISI for Thailand and NCC for Argentina.

As No.1 slim panel focused manufacturer in Shenzhen, Homi had achieved sales turnover of 35M USD in 2018, and target 40M USD in 2019. We look forward to creating a better future of led lighting with worldwide customers by joint efforts in the years to come.

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Over 12 YearsFounded in 2007
Focus on panel lamp industry for 12 years, steady development, continuous innovation.
Large Customer GroupOver 10 Countries
Customers are located in more than ten countries in Europe and North America.
Anytime 24 HoursAnytime 24 Hours
Serve you wholeheartedly 24 hours a day, Quality assurance, comprehensive after-sales.

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